@ Wuhan 2017 Idol in the prototype of Yue Minjun

Exhibition title: "@ Wuhan 2017 Reincarnation of the original • Yue Minjun"

Organizer: Hubei Art Museum
Art Director: Fu Zhongwang
Curator: Ji Shaofeng
Exhibition co-ordination: Li and Qing
Exhibition time: December 2, 2017 - January 14, 2018
Opening hours: December 2, 2017 4:30 PM
Opening Location: Hubei Museum of Art public lobby on the first floor
Venue: Hubei Art Museum, Hall 1,2,3

Exhibition Description:
Yue Minjun, born in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province in 1962, studied at the Fine Arts Department of Hebei Normal University in 1985.
Now living in Beijing, professional artist.

Like his own generation, Yue Minjun's personal destiny and his artistic expression are undoubtedly closely related to the changes in social structure. The ups and downs of his personal destiny also have such and such relations with the social and historical changes.
When it comes to Yue Minjun, people often think of his "giggle". Indeed, the rise of Yue Minjun can not but be said to have some kind of legendary color, not only because his "giggle" has become a style and symbol, but also because of this The simplicity, straightforwardness and straightforwardness of styles and symbols, and the constant directing of Yue Minjun and his "giggle" to national and international exhibitions, have become not only one of the hallmarks of contemporary Chinese art, It also co-hosts Yue Min-jun's memories of childhood and romantic illusions, as well as the endless search for mental confusion, injecting fresh vitality into Chinese contemporary art. This also established Yue Minjun in the contemporary art territory of a real and solid position.
In the face of various visual texts of Yue Minjun, exploring Yue Minjun's artistic development trajectory, how can we not make people imagination? It should be said that it is the power of imagination that gives Yue Minjun a timeless ability to enable him to complete his own transcendence time and time again and to make his state of art always full of an impulse and passion for innovation. Critics Li Xianting in his painting with Yue Minjun said "Yue Minjun is an important cynical realist artist. His language is repeatedly using his image as a model, put on a variety of weird and ridiculous action and hippie smiley expression, And through the self-deprecating description of these movements and expressions to express the current empty boring spiritual world.Simple commercials similar to the simple method, as well as the picture gorgeous, monotonous color, highlighting a superficial, humorous and bored atmosphere The most distinctive feature of Yue Minjun's work is the strong and concise visual power of both pop and placard art. "The description of Yue Xijun describes how the artistic style of Yue Minjun roughly approximates. Knowing the history of art knows that to judge an artist's position in the history of art, it is very difficult to analyze the artist's work style and style in isolation and in a local way, combining specific social historical and cultural backgrounds with the specific historical context. Out of satisfactory answer. So reconstructing the historical context and putting Yue Minjun back into the specific social and historical context at that time to consider and analyze will help us understand Yue Minjun and his art in all aspects.

- Ji Shaofeng ("the idol of the prototype" excerpt)


Badashan _ cloth on canvas _DIA. = 200cm_2011

Taoist Pirates _A canvas painting _200 × 400cm_2011

Hole mound _ oil on canvas _ shaped frame H = 120cm, W = 112 _2012

Maze -5_ Oil on canvas _ Shaped box 161 × 108cm_2014

Broken Dream Garden 8_ Oil on canvas _200 × 240cm_2015

Broken Dream Garden 9_ Oil on canvas _200 × 250cm_2015

Broken Dream Garden 11_ Oil on canvas _ special-shaped box 200 × 200cm_2015

Broken Dream Garden 12_ Oil on canvas _ special-shaped box 200 × 200cm_2016

Comic _ oil on canvas _250 × 201cm_2016

3009_ Oil On Canvas _300 × 400cm_2008

Gutian Conference _ cloth on canvas _250 × 380cm_2011

Mao Zedong in Jinggangshan _ cloth on canvas _257 × 376cm_2006

Into the Jinggangshan _ canvas painting _200 × 300cm_2012

Laughing great, glorious death _ cloth on canvas _24 × 200cm_2012

The opening scene

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