Summit dialogue - Yue Minjun and Qu double show

Summit dialogue - Yue Minjun and Qu double show

Location: Tianjin Art Museum

Opening time: October 14, 2017 10:00

Seminar Time: October 14 14: 00-16: 00 (VIP Room, Tianjin Art Museum)

Seminar Moderator: Ma Chi

Exhibitor profile

Yue Minjun: Yue Minjun was born in 1962, graduated from Hebei Normal University. Yue Minjun art works of the distinctive style of the mark is Zhang Diaozhuan repeated, he said that when people laugh at the most empty the most ruthless, in his creation with its distinctive image and style features in the Chinese art world occupies a unique position, this Position is not only a "self-image" to enlarge the position, but also clearly show some kind of market-oriented trademark features.


Qu Jianxiong: former Nankai University Oriental Art Department of art teaching and research director, associate professor, as a visiting scholar in Sweden and the United States to work for many years. From 2004 to teach Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Department of integrated painting, Professor, Nankai University Visiting Professor.

Qu Jianxiong did not use the popular pop, ridicule and frivolous fashion, his language is very serious. Qu Jianxiong to the exhibition site dressed up as a dark stage, people are shrouded in the shadow of the "lofty feeling can not help but produce some confusion, trying to seize the works of ideality.



Curator 's Inscription: Talking about Yue Minjun and Qu Jianxiong' s Dialogue



When the expression of the artist is quoted heavier and more complicated, the dialogue will re start a new opportunity: that is recarding themselves, card their own up and down, and card the distance between themself and world.


Unlike the experience of many artist's , Yue Minjun's interest in history has been hidden behind the works. This history includes far history and near history, far for thousands of years, near for the bit by bit of yesterday, which includes the reflection of the time and the fascination with their own reading experience. As the landmark artist who has been dissecting the text of the time, Yue Minjun integrates the history and culture, perpendicularly and horizontally, showing his deeper artistic ambition -- although these giant stars which once dotted the historical sky, look calm, and not laugh here, but you can touch those joy , which has been emerged from deep of heart, far away, worth looking back.


This time Qu Jianxiong’s angle is unpredictable change of city and the tossing and turning of individuals . As an artist of indulges in the grand narrative , Qu Jianxiong expressed his opinion about bouncing narrative and just perfect humorous sense once again, standing under his film canopy, everything turns to exist in vague, in the time axis, which is leaving and upcoming, without sense of alienation, only with reality, shadow and itself. This is an artist's glad original intention, for watching and speculation, he can stay aloof, also can grow wings at any time, flying into his works.


The longitudinal observation of history from Yue Minjun , and the horizontal recarding of reality from Qu Jianxiong, set up the unusual theme of this exhibition, but I also hope to have a huge, deep pool, to put all of this exhibition to toss in the water, let the heavy sink, the light float - this should be the result you and I want to see.



Introduction of works:

Yue Minjun works "I have lost at a loss also imagination"

This work is about the human history and culture of thinking, but also on the different stages of life thinking changes in the visual externalization. In the presentation of the work, the use of advertising man-made licensing means, the popular cultural elements and human celebrities in the history and culture together. Both as wide as the signs, but also like a seat to establish the monument, trying to narrow the history and our current distance. In the use of materials, select a series of simple materials, including cardboard and black plastic particles, is to better show the reality of the work and authenticity. Black plastic particles metaphor of the earth earth changes, is derived from the wisdom of these sages, and the times have been converted today. The black work is to strengthen the sense of history. When the work with a way from the forest to show in front of the audience, to the audience a full and intensive sense of oppression, driving the audience to think about human civilization is experienced hardships, fought for generations to explore Nowadays. Thus encouraging the audience to face the problems of various human beings, to the sages as indomitable pursuit of truth.

Qu Jianxiong works "brothers - people who are watching"

Art can be high to religion high to philosophy, high parents to travel in the blood culture! But the art can also come from the personal life bit by bit of debris or even the spirit of wandering out of adventure, works (brothers) on the daily life of the ongoing question is to make themselves close to the distance may be away from the people, a person in addition to inertia, but also see a larger Of the stands, in order to produce a dialogue in order to have a relatively complete human nature. The most valuable part of the intellectuals is the perfect inspection of their own moral department, and sometimes they often mistakenly believe that morality is used to criticize others, in fact not. The language of the work (brother) is not the secondary structure of the social and cultural politics. It is a conscious movement of the creator of the "micro narrative" of social morality! Just want to be able to stand in today's position from the body of a strong context, focus on a moment to ask the specific context and material traces, subversion of a "text to carry" concept of power. The focus is how to return from the "Oriental Science" standard to the specific context of the Chinese scene. Personal life site experience records of Tianjin nearly a decade is very beautiful, which can not be separated from the scaffolding and construction workers, works (brothers) through the individual from the real experience of the image and the scene of a kind of ups and downs show a large row of rows and repeated urban construction structure On the tamping of the strong, transparent material into the layers of light after the layers of new images and ink composition of the composition of the material, when the way of modeling, the concept of a complete combination of the media method Lun, was reduced to the narrative can be paved art museum The Is a tribute to the workers in these impressions! And Tao Yuanming has long said that "landing for the brothers, why bones and flesh pro" Since everyone is a landing is the brothers, why also to test what DNA?
(Brother) of the language and thought in the generation of an indispensable subject, if it is a contemporary art of the text, that the text of the "meaning" must be through the personal life on the "blade" on the context Complete, because (brother) the meaning of the idea is in the human sense, not in the art language is abstractly presented! Put the personal life on the "blade" in ancient times is Cao Zhi is the meaning of Li Bai directly to become human, to pass the presence of people. If art is a "paradise" of the bustling land "enjoyment" of the land, "make the best choice" to have been tied to its social background, at the same time with a particular personal survival experience related!

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