Out of the maze - Yue Minjun works exhibition

Out of the maze: on Yue Minjun painting


I have always believed that the process of Chinese contemporary art is in sync with China's reform and opening up. In today's history of contemporary Chinese art is still unavoidable, or the so-called mainstream and non-mainstream points in the economy is the planned economy and the market economy of the points. In fact, it is precisely their coexistence, only to enrich the Chinese art of contemporary art, which makes today's Chinese contemporary art will not be so single pale, but fresh and powerful. "Labyrinth" is to reflect the artist's real life for today's positive thinking.

The formation and development of Yue Minjun's painting art has always been accompanied by the opening of the reform and has become one of the important representative figures of this era. He is the first generation of social change in the revolution outside the system of artists, in the community to be ignored and marginalized, but also created his independence and introspection. The survival of the helpless and the real tradition is not compatible with, in a marginal culture, both "to avoid noble" and "cynical" like unruly and self-deprecating, in such an embarrassing situation in the formation of his distinctive unique performance Techniques, and to ironically ridicule to deconstruct the confusion of real life, forming a fantastic virtual stage and self-directed human tragedy. It is difficult for us to talk about the goodness and the badness of his works from the meaning of traditional painting because he has done what an artist should do most, that is, to subvert the past aesthetic and painting experience, the real life of the pan-commerce and vulgar flow culture All into their own performance space, to the public to provide a familiar and unfamiliar visual situation. In most of our field of vision is to see his "big face laughing" works, in fact, he is also a courage to deny, and constantly strive to go beyond the artist's own. After his fame, he still found a lot of time to explore the possibility of new performance, such as no man's landscape, maze series, debris series and sculpture and equipment, we can see that Yue Minjun has been constantly improving his Expression, especially his thoughts on Chinese culture and the interpretation of China's own art history, it is commendable. The exhibition we have made great efforts to show his several important stages of the creative achievements, so that our teachers and students have a full range of close learning opportunities for learning, but also for the love of art Liao Shen public to provide a rich visual feast The

Here, I only represent the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Museum, the most sincere thanks to Mr. Yue Minjun strong support, the most sincere wish the exhibition a complete success.

Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Professor of Art Museum

Today attended the opening ceremony of the guests

Outside the province: Hubei Museum of Fine Arts Mr. Ji Shaofeng

Mr. Fan Bo, Director of Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Mr. Liu Zhaowu, Dean of Academy of Fine Arts, Jilin Art Institute

Yellow River magazine president, editor of famous critic Liu Chun

China Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Humanities, Professor Dr., the famous critic Mr. Lu Peng

Famous artist Mr. Wang Guangyi Mr. Zhang Xiaogang Mr. Ye Yongqing

Art International Website Artistic Director of the famous critic Mr. Wu Hong

Famous singer Mr. Huo Feng

And Mr. Li Bing, curator of the park

Province: Liaoning Province CPPCC, Finance and Economics Committee Director Mr. Liu Ming

Former Dean of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Mr. Song Huimin

Former Dean of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, vice chairman of the Chinese Artists Association Mr. Verger

Vice President of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and Mr. Yun Hui

Finally, I am the most solemn introduction to the exhibition of the artist, Mr. Yue Minjun, and his wife Miss Jiang Zhanyu, welcome and thank you for the arrival.

Here are the former Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Dean, Chinese Artists Association Vice Chairman, Mr. Verger speech:

Famous Critics Mr. Lu Peng Address:

Here is the exhibition of the artist Mr. Yue Minjun speech:

The opening ceremony is welcome to visit!

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