2015 -

2015 - "Text Garden - Yue Minjun New Exhibition"

 - Shanghai Lin Bao Xuan Gallery


Dong Zhongshu_Door of Maze Series_W=141 H=98cm_2012_Oil on Canvas

 Ghost Face Brushstrok  95x200cm  Oil on Canvas  2011

 Untying Rope Brushstroke  85x200cm    Oil on Canvas  2011

Kong Qiu_Door of Maze Series W=112 H=120cm_2012_Oil on Canvas

Dragon  131x132.5cm    Oil on Canvas  2011

Ba Da Shan Ren  d=200cm  Oil On Canvas  2011

 Draping Linen Brushstroke  107x200cm  Oil on Canvas  2011

Zhu Xi_Door of Maze Series W=139 H=120cm_2012_Oil on Canvas

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