2012 - laughing funny laughing- Hong Kong Harbor City exhibition

2012 - "laughing funny laughing" - Hong Kong Harbor City exhibition

Time:   20th, Sep, 2012- 14th, Oct, 2012

Venue:   Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City.

         Gallery by the Harbour- Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City.

Organizer: Harbour City, All Rights Reserved Co. Ltd


The name of my exhibition “The Tao of Laughter” was inspired by Lao Zi’s 6th

century classical text on Taoism known as Tao Te Ching. Often when faced

with society’s adversity, many choose to give up or avoid the situation. In

order to reach inner peace, Lao Zhuang suggested all problems could be

solved with laughter, allowing them to achieve balance without pain or



Within my works for this show, I elected to use bold colors, large faces and of

course my signature, big mouths with gapping smiles. Through the

exaggeration of each character’s expression, I hope to express the

complication of reality in a beautiful way. Despite whatever life may throw at

you, problems are best dealt through positivity and of course laughter.


By combining these traditional illustration and sculpture techniques, I hope

that the constant repetition of these signature icons will ultimately create a

new idol. The perpetuation of my visual icon is to promote a philosophy of

laughter to achieve life balance and inner peace.

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