Yue Minjun solo exhibition in Paris Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation grand opening

Yue Minjun solo exhibition in Paris Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation grand opening (2012.11.14-2013.3.17)

As a representative of the Chinese contemporary artists invited to the French Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Yue Minjun's first large-scale solo exhibition in Europe on November 14 unveiled in Paris. This exhibition includes Yue Minjun nearly three decades since the painting career nearly 40 from the hands of collectors around the world by the works, there are nearly 100 pieces of the manuscript has never been shown to the public. The Paris solo exhibition will be held on November 14, 2012 to March 17, 2013.

Founded in 1984, the Foundation Cartier pour l'art contemporain was regarded as France's most important contemporary art foundation. The Foundation has a large collection of over 1,000 pieces, traveled to Argentina, Germany, Japan and many other countries each year touring exhibition, and each year in the Paris headquarters planning multiple exhibitions, including Murakami Long, Issey Miyake (Issey Miyake) , Thomas Famen (Thomas Demand) and other world-renowned artists and designers, and this Yue Minjun was regarded as highly influential Chinese contemporary artists large-scale solo exhibition of choice. The large-scale review solo exhibition in Paris by the Cartier Institute of Contemporary Art, Herve Chandes (Herve Chandes) called a huge challenge, in addition to the preparation time is very long, but also through a variety of channels to all over Asia , The European and American collectors borrowed, most of them for more than ten years of possession of the works difficult to track the whereabouts, including the fortunate in the exhibition of a rare important works "big ecstasy." It is a pity that part of the collection is still lost because of the wishes of the collectors, such as a collection of works collected by Indonesian collectors in the early 1990s. The entire exhibition spans Yue Minjun three decades of creative process, including the 1999 Venice Biennale for the first time attracted worldwide attention "laugh" series. The artist's self-read is a pessimist who never believes nor expects eternal pilgrims, and the funny smile in his work is the interpretation of the contradiction between human suffering and the real world.

Yue Minjun, born in 1962 in Heilongjiang, China. As a leading figure in the field of Chinese contemporary art, his works are regarded as a breakthrough representative of contemporary Chinese art and have been widely and highly recognized, and have held important solo exhibitions including the 2012 Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum. In the 2009 New York Ala Ao Gallery <Smile ", and many times to participate in international exhibitions, including in 2011 in Aarhus ARoS Aarhus Art Gallery "Archaeological Discovery of the Year 3009", "The Half-Life Dream: Logan Contemporary Chinese Art Collection" at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2008, at the Queensland Museum of Art, New York, 2007-2008 "The Song of the copied idols: Yue Minjun works exhibition", 2004 and 2008 Shanghai Biennale, as well as the 48th Venice in 1999 double Annual exhibition and so on.

French magazine interview

1. How do you work in your studio? With which rhythm? How do you share your time between painting and sculpture?


Usually, my work starts at 10AM and ends at 4PM, with no weekend. A concentrated work period allows me to travel around when I want to. Painting occupies most of my time, and I will give one or two months to sculpture each year.


2. How could you define your work? Do you agree with idea of « cynical realism »?



In my definition, my works express a Pink Humour.

The hat of cynical realism limits my works too often. It is not enough to describe my works.


3. Main subjects of your work are laughter and smile. Why? What is your message, what does it mean?


Indeed, among all my works, the series of laughing man gets the most attention. This figure is so vibrant, vigorous and it tells so much more than “laughing,” which has changed our impression of art. Art becomes adorable and humorous, and we could find it in our life in a more humane way.



4. How did you choose the works of arts presented in Paris? Did you create new pieces of art especially for this event?


It really took me a long time to choose works, from those created at different periods, to be exhibited, since I want to present the characteristics of my works completely. No new work is especially made for this exhibition as I believe the most perfect way to present my works is to show what they are as they have always been.



5. What would you like to transmit to French public through this exhibition?


As an artist living in a society with a totally different social and cultural context as French people do, I hope to transmit the art I feel and I make. I believe this impulse is common to human beings, including French audience.

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