2011 - Road - Pez Gallery - Beijing

2011 - "Road" - Pez Gallery - Beijing

Holding a unique attitude toward "reality", Yue Minjun has been continually exploring its relationship to art through his creation. In his first solo exhibition at The Pace Gallery, Beijing, the artist is still smiling at the world as he sees it. Yue's newest work takes on Christian forms. The strength of Western culture has pushed many Chinese people into an existence stripped of its cultural core. By altering the semantic relationships between the people and space in the original works, the works seem almost to dissolve away, neatly avoiding the contradictions and embarrassment inherent to any collision between two cultures. Confronted with something one does not completely understand, a smile can mean rejection and confusion, yet it can also mean inclusion and acceptance.

Exhibition works

Resurrection of Christ_330cmX390cm_Oil on Canvas_2010

Baptism_of_Christ_450cmX300cm_Oil on Canvas_2010

The Annunciation_Oil on Canvas_380cmX250cm_2009

Christ In The Crown Of Thorns_D=200cm_Oil on canvas_2009

Deposition from  the cross _Oil on Canvas_450cmX300cm_2010

The Entombment__300cmX380cm_Oil on Canvas_2010

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