Yue Minjun dialogue Ning Hao: thanks to the painting saved us

Yue Minjun dialogue Ning Hao: thanks to the painting saved us


"Beijing News" July 5, 2011

Yue Minjun

Contemporary artist. Born in Heilongjiang in 1962. From the early nineties of last century began to shape the "open laugh, close your eyes" character image, gradually known, in recent years this image spread to its sculpture and print area. Participated in many large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, works quite commercial influence, known as the Chinese contemporary art "F4" one.

Ning hao

director. Born in Shanxi in 1977, studied painting, engaged the band, done the choreography and advertising design, graphic photography, cameraman, filmed MV. Early directed the film "incense" "green grass" has been popular at home and abroad film festival, in 2006, the film "crazy stone" in the Chinese film circle fame.

Yue Minjun, one of China's contemporary art "F4", he painted the smiling face bald eyes, eyes closed, mouth laughing, mouthful of white flowers teeth, become the highest recognition of the head; Ning Hao, Cenozoic director, the same laugh Full-time film director, but also love painting.

Ning Hao and Yue Minjun brother Yue Xiaojun cooperation, and then met with Yue Minjun, he was 15 years younger than Yue Minjun, but directly called Yue Minjun as "old Yue", and Yue Minjun Ning Hao show up, more is to appreciate and love. Interview about the Shanghai car pier video base, Ning Hao's new film "Golden Puzzle case" is where the shooting. Near midnight, the crew received the work, the two returned to the hotel, with the cupboard on the red wine, with olives, peanuts, chatted with art and movies.

Growth history

The only poster ever painted is Andy Lau

Yue Minjun: childhood always play enough, rarely on the study. I went to high school to start more formal painting, sketch, color, plaster like, avatar.

Ning Hao: I also started on the secondary school painting. Was in Shanxi film school, then hit the employment problem: Shanxi no film, learn and is the film art, come out after Gansha it? I graduated, the printer on the popularity of people with color printing. I only painted a poster, or to help students draw, hand-painted - I remember painting is Andy Lau, holding a stills of his stills, marked Jiugongge magnified painting.

Yue Minjun: my high school that moment, the dream of painting is to go to the cinema posters, it is the most Niubi work.

Ning Hao: I was in the news network to see the Yuanmingyuan painter village, began to pack up the burden. Was very small, fourteen five years old, want to go when the artist, my mother resolutely stopped.

Yue Minjun: I am in the Yuanmingyuan painter village period, has also been faced with survival problems. Painting is saved me, before our compound is almost closed, primary school, secondary school have, I painted out of the compound after that, the face of the city people, the face of new friends.

Ning Hao: In 1997, when I was 20 years old, my dad gave me two thousand dollars to let me go to Beijing to school, according to his meaning, you have finished over the end of Joseph had come back. I paid the cost of the training course left more than three hundred pieces, was not admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, my head twisted a long time. I thought I was in the end to paint, but there are life pressure, either stay in Beijing, or back to Taiyuan. Are you living here or living there?

Later, when I first admitted to the North Normal University, a total of eight courses, I only painting this course on the good, not on other classes.

Yue Minjun: how do you love painting so much? why?

Ning Hao: your feelings of painting is "painting saved me", I was the kind of feeling. In the life of the concept of the time, suddenly it opened a door to me, the original world is the case, the United States is this, ugly is the kind, but also a sense of creation pleasure. I now feel that this little pleasure, making the film is constantly in a variety of situations with the compromise, with your first turn.

Yue Minjun: homeopathy and. I know this earlier, painting also exists this problem, has been competing, the final result is a mess. This time can only be along the dry, find it is not good place is also valuable.

Ning Hao: I really can not draw a painting, only to make movies. I often tell my wife, I most want to do is painting. I think from the bottom of my heart the most cutting-edge art or painting. The world is not all the nation has a movie, but no one nation without a painter.

Yue Minjun: painting this thing really is with the "no cost" has a relationship, you can blind whole

Ning Hao: because it is more pure.

Education concept

Children learn to be late?

Ning Hao: Our family is basically stocking me, my dad is the first generation of businessmen, my mother is engaged in propaganda of small cadres, we are busy, I did not ask for. Was set on the lower limit, the first test to buy twenty dollars of firecrackers, I was a child when the first test, for the twenty dollars of firecrackers.

Yue Minjun: childhood my parents often hit me, very tight tube. My father is very irritable in my memory. Grow up, see my classmates to educate their children, how to get up, what time to do, planning very meticulous. If it is practicing technology, may also be able to practice out, if it is cranky, certainly not work. In our culture, if the tube is very strict, to the end certainly not a reliable person, because the tube is strict means that can not do anything else, can only do a fixed matter, wait until you do not want to do the matter, Has come to fifty or sixty.

The Chinese people have matured late - I feel very late, probably three years old to mature, times silly, to forty years old is late, unlike Westerners, eighteen years old seems to understand everything.

Ning Hao: "help" and "tube" is the same reason. You help him to arrange things to help him do things, as well as discipline, the last reason is the same, are late.

Yue Minjun: but whether it seems particularly easy to learn bad.

Ning Hao: I was in secondary school boys only two, good students and rotten students, there is no middle state. Western society seems to be jujube karyotype, the middle of the most, the two at least. I am bad boy is better, good boy is relatively bad, I often associate with bad students, but there are bottom line. This is also a very tight relationship with the family.

Yue Minjun: You naive early Did not come out of business.

Ning Hao: my wife by the kind of education is somewhat similar to the faith, when you are very young first to set up good and evil, for example, stealing things something bad, fighting is not particularly bad thing.

Yue Minjun: I have a friend taught children to paint, he said, you do not have to teach children, let him casually painting, do not learn what rules, according to Western studies, the child to the thirteen years before the "reproduction" concept Ask yourself to be like something. Learn sketch this, should be slightly late, so will not be tangled in it.

If you want to draw something like painting, painted two years after learning, you will only this, there is no other feeling.

Ning Hao: When I was in secondary school, many first grade has been painted very well, a look is from the age of five began to draw, but you will be very strange why he went to the fourth grade so much change is very small. On the contrary some of the relationship came in, but more creative ability, later come from behind.

Yue Minjun: I think painting more have their own style or after graduating from college. In school you have to complete the school curriculum, such as this semester to draw a few head, a few people, a few oil paintings. I have the honor to see my file to know that I have never had five points, always a quarter.

Industry theory

Art this thing, how to rank?

Yue Minjun: a lot of people boast, we all feel very good, but after a period of over, so many people. I think there is a relationship with what he ultimately wants to pursue. Painter, there are a lot of people from the beginning of painting the first painting, every year to leave their own that the best painting. I think this is very strange, how can he judge his painting which is good, which is bad? How does he know what is valuable and keep it?

Ning Hao: We talk about this artist called "from Fan children", is a comparison, ranking Well. "Ranking" is a particularly strange phenomenon in our national education, from the novel "you in your class several", from an early age in the establishment of who is stronger than the concept, especially socialization. I believe that the real people who do art, no matter what the film or do, more attention is in the "how do I do this", the attention really did not put "I now row old a few" here. You want to pondering every day to line up this thing, how can learn it? And the art of this matter, how to rank?

Yue Minjun: text no first, Wu no second.

Ning Hao: Really, can you say which is more valuable than that? There are so many of these artists in history, and nothing is at the end of the day, and in the end he is the man who changed the world. For example, there was so much in the community to live a particularly good musician, but after many years, it left only Mozart.

Yue Minjun: Wang Xizhi is not Well, we say that he was particularly well written, but when he was alive, his book is not popular. At that time there are rankings, his old row does not go in, he was later put into the.

what should you do?

How to do it? To

Yue Minjun: met me looking for painting, I generally had to play haha. Traditional Chinese painters are painting, do not you ask, you come to him to send you one. Oil painting this thing seems to be difficult to send, (painting) too slow, and ordered half a day, especially not easy.

Ning Hao: is to take the cost of life in exchange for. Draw a picture for at least a month, which is equivalent to give yourself some time to others. How many months do you say you can!

(The actor) to the film This is different from the painting, painting is an independent thing, a person has the final say, but I am a movie accounted for one or two hundred people time, if I casually set a actress, Quit you --- this is a nonsense, I do not come Or I want to casually set another actor, the boss set, but people do not come to art. If this is the case, it will not be done. So I can easily deliberately block out these requirements.

How can we get married? To

Yue Minjun: I have been married for many years. I think the usual women, with their education, is not suitable for marrying a person who engages in art or business. Most women are born to enjoy the world, do not want to suffer that crime. But if there is a good temper can tolerate, there will not be much of a problem.

Ning Hao: male and female needs are not the same, all the world's female animals, including plants, the need is stable, safe --- wind blowing, male flower forward, female flower is to stay there; bitch pregnant Outsiders can not enter the house. All the women are the same, as long as enough to give her a sense of security, will be at ease. But the artist needs fresh, exciting, different experience to have a new work, once the stability, stability is finished, there is no creative power. He is under this mission, it is difficult to create a sense of security for women, can not create a sense of security, women are unstable.

So the artist's wife is really particularly tolerant, especially self-repair and self-improvement ability, have to be able to meet their own.

What is the opposite sex? To

Yue Minjun: I have been through this stage, do not know how to do before This thing can not be envisaged, for the artist, carrying a lot of moral accusations, will be very tangled. But if you do not have such a human thing, take a love film no feeling, that is white water. So I think the artist is also sad people on the edge of society, more sacrifice their own feelings and the so-called normal interpersonal relationships.

Ning Hao: I am two days ago to discuss this issue with people, "artistic point of view" and "social morality", which is the two criteria. "Color, quit" this movie is right? Good or bad? You take social morality to judge, it is both anti-national --- (actor) became a traitor, but also anti-social morality, and that is a junk movie. But it is not ah, art is to reveal the truth, tell you the truth was so, for (some) women what is not important, sex this thing may be particularly important. This is only from the perspective of sex to explain the side of human nature. Do you want to say that human nature is nothing more than that? No, there are different aspects of human nature Well.

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