2011 - "Bund" - Yue Minjun: not affectionate, not angry, not dancing

Yue Minjun: no emotion, no anger, not dancing

"The Bund" July 7, 2011

June 11, Beijing 798 Art District. Pez Beijing Gallery is divided into several separate spaces, the walls are painted blue or pink in large chunks, echoing the colors of the six works shown.

This is Yue Minjun's solo exhibition "road". The six works were titled "Reception of Tears", "Christ Baptism", "Christ with Thorns", "The Cross", "Bury" and "Resurrection". In 2007, Yue Minjun, who was selected as the "Time" magazine of the United States, described a complete story with his iconic "smiling face", but incorporated into the form of Christian painting in this work.

"This painting of Christ and religious themes, in the religious scene into the laughing figure, because I think this is the most important cultural symbols of the West." Known as China "contemporary art F4" one of Yue Minjun said: In the process of creation, I have repeatedly thought about how Chinese culture can now escape the influence of Western culture and the traditional oriental culture, and we are affected by the influence of these two systems in political, economic and cultural aspects, , While tend to tradition, but always do not have their own backbone, such as through traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese painting, etc. These words are and the relative concept of the West.

In the curator's cold forest, Yue Minjun's works from the 90's social reality background into a Western religious background, on the one hand is based on the Western art history of the description of religion, on the other hand Yue Minjun turn their own Mocking the spirit of implanting works. "In the face of things that are not fully understood, there is a rejection, a lack of understanding, and a hug and acceptance.

Laughing Jesus

Ten years ago, Yue Minjun flew to the Netherlands, the side is a Western lady. She is plain and fluent in Chinese. After the conversation, Yue Minjun know that she has been living in the northwest of China, all the way to listen to her about the various experiences in China. Before the plane, the lady came to a pamphlet, Yue Minjun realized that she was a missionary. This is his first intimate contact with Christianity.

August 8, 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games played the "Olympic carol". Yue Minjun for the brilliant performance and not much memory, the screen hit the lyrics let him remember: "immortal god ... ... among the sky, as your light witness." He suddenly realized that the influence of Western Christian culture on global culture and thought, including the Olympic Games such as the global sports event. He suddenly a Jiling, there is a feeling like to create. "At that time I wanted to see the Bible, wondering what Jesus was going on." Yue Minjun said.

He did not see the "Bible", but read a friend sent the "story of Jesus", from this "popular reading", Yue Minjun chose the most important points they think, completed three years later in Pez Beijing Of solo works.

These six works follow the Yue Minjun "transformation" of the painting line. From 1998 onwards, he took the characters in the paintings and replaced their own iconic laughing man's image, while maintaining the identity of the characters and scenes, so as to achieve a ridicule effect. His transformation of the "grass on the lunch", "Greek island of the massacre", "free guide the people" and many other Western classic paintings, both become Yue's masterpiece, but also caused a lot of controversy.

"Christ Baptism" was a 15th century Da Vinci's masterpiece, depicting John's baptism of Jesus. The Bible says that when John scooped up the holy water of the Jordan and baptized Jesus, the sky was clear. Yue Minjun's "baptism of Christ" bright colors, the distance of the Chinese garden-style buildings, near Shoushan stone, a shorts wearing only men laughing for another "baptism", next to others stood in a row on the crowd.

The highly respected "conception of the fetus" follows the scene of the 15th century famous painting "fetus notification". The painting is a 40-year-old painting of the San Marco monastery in Florence, about God sent angels to inform Maria, that she was conceived a son, named Jesus, who was the savior of mankind. Angelo put the characters in the real perspective of the space, the background is a Roman-style structure of the building, standing slender Corinthian pillars, it is ancient and deep. Yue Minjun delicate "copy" of the environment created by Angelique, the original picture of the main body - the Virgin Mary and God sent the angels disappeared out of thin air, leaving only the Virgin Mary sitting on the bench.
Pei Pei art

"Knowing what an artist wants to know what he has done before, what is now created, what is the relationship between what has been done and what is now," said Cold Forest.

In 1962, Yue Minjun was born in Daqing City, graduated from Hebei Normal University Fine Arts Department after graduation teacher. To the Yuanmingyuan painter village "grass" as a professional artist, Yue Minjun think "I suddenly can decide their own life, and decide how to live every day, and even how long the hair to stay.

Curator Feng Bo a first time to see Yue Minjun is the fall of 1992. "I and the United States from the United States back to Beijing Xu Bing to the western suburbs of Beijing Yuanmingyuan painter village, when his long hair, a look like an alternative, avant-garde artist, or ridicule a little description, more like A capital of the 'stubborn'. "Feng Bo recalled.

Long hair did not last for years. In 1994, Yue Minjun and other avant-garde artists moved to Songzhuang small fort. There is a small rogue local, often in the back pulling Yue Minjun's hair, he is not a good turn. Fang Lijun said: "your hair more and more dilute, the old keep doing? Push was!" So there is Yue Minjun's bald image has continued to the present.

From 1991 onwards, Yue Minjun to self-image characteristics to describe the "smiling face." Initially painted on their own, from the technical point of view, because "so do not have to find a model."

Known as the "Chinese goddess of contemporary art" critics Li Xianting Yue Minjun as "the Cultural Revolution" after the third generation of artists, Peipu art representatives. "Fang Lijun's work has an inner confrontation of the psychological, and the inherent tension of the power of a big bald, or a row of big bald image, the visual impact of a feeling of protest, and your giggle symbol is the kind of heart No loose lungs, lazy, bored. "Li Xianting this evaluation Yue Minjun's" smiling face. "

"Yue Minjun experienced the prosperity of the new economy, these experiences are clearly reflected in this face .This smile is not just funny, it expresses in the shadow of the prosperity of the scene, the depth of anxiety. Realism 'label, this smile is interpreted as ridiculous all the jokes, or the joy of life in the image of the inevitable in the extinction. "2007 US" Time magazine "annual character selection to Yue Minjun signs" smile " Such a comment.

Yue Minjun often and friends with "drink wine." Once, Yue Minjun drunk, critics Yang Wei and other friends did not let him drive, send him home. The next day, Yang Wei asked him how to go home after, he said he drove off the city around Beijing turn two laps. "Although he usually work very organized, very calm, but still very temperament, bones have unstable factors, eager to have some surprising things." Yang Wei Yue Yujun this evaluation.

In the eyes of friends, Yue Minjun is a typical external cold heat. He has two sides, the surface is not easy to close, not humorous, not enthusiastic, in fact, like ridicule, a lot of time or self-ridicule. Yue Minjun is always a casual dress, once participated in an event at the Cannes Film Festival, accompanied by friends told him to wear suits, and help him prepare a set of clothes. Yue Minjun try, found too much, sleeves and trousers are a lot of long. Friends are very experienced, borrow the stapler in the cuffs and trousers were nailed a circle. To the event site entrance, Yue Minjun was stopped, because he did not wear clothes like their own.

Yue Minjun's wife is a dancer, two people see the exhibition to know. In an interview with the media, Yue Minjun self-broke the news, his wife listen to classical music more, he only heard two classical concerts, once also fell asleep.

"middle age crisis"

In 2010, Yue Minjun won a prize - "Contemporary Art Gold Plum Award". "Chinese Contemporary Art Palmetech Award + Gold Sauce Award" by many young art critics co-sponsored, participated in the selection of awards. The Golden Soup Award is the most problematic representative for 2010, and Yue Minjun is "winning" because of the work "Curved Latitude".

And all the fame of the same artists, Yue Minjun face the challenges and challenges of the younger generation. The young critic, Sheng Wei, questioned the creativity of Yue Minjun: "The loss of thought and the loss of creativity make this work a representative of a large number of works, in addition to copy the self, the artist how to create?

Young critic Sun Dongdong mercilessly criticized him: "Art has been very tragic, Yue Minjun why still giggle?"

But in the eyes of Yang Wei, Yue Minjun never stopped exploring. Yang Wei said: "His 'smiling face' is too typical.He continued to create a smiling face, while trying the new series, walking on two legs. Once the 'smile' is a common experience. In Pez Beijing 'Road' this At the exhibition he tried to integrate the common experience into the individual's deep experience, through their own deep experience to go again to infect the audience.I think he through such a transformation, the work is more profound, have a certain experience of people, with his Works produce impact. "

Yue Minjun has a profound painting skills. In the middle school, the parents decided to let Yue Minjun practice brush words, but also let him follow a 60-year-old old man learning brushwork, boring practice let him endure, angrily playing truant for three months. Today, Yue Minjun studio corner, filled with the auction of the major auction companies and a variety of Chinese ink painting album, a roll of roll paper stacked on the table. Yue Minjun's "maze" series of works to borrow a large number of traditional Chinese ink elements.

In 2009, "to the Marco Polo gift: 53rd Venice International Art Biennial Special Institution Invitational Exhibition", Yue Minjun selected Pan Tianshou, Qi Baishi and other 10 modern most representative ink painters, with Their respective typical style created 10 works. "These people do not know what the Venice Biennale is, and I take them in this way." His interpretation is joking.

Yue Minjun said that the album is his study of traditional ink and ink tools, in order to write the oil canvas on the canvas, he often practice calligraphy on the rice paper. "I studied these for irony, but a lot of people thought I was 'retro'." He smiled and told reporters that those who praised his works were misunderstood.

Young critic Huang Yanuo said: "Yue Minjun to 'maze' as the representative of some of the experiments are not successful, his exhibition has a few works and return to the 'smile' theme, which is more conservative, but this is I There is no need for artists to change every day.

In the first half of 2011, the art market, Yue Minjun's performance is not good, there is a saying is "three Liu a" (Liu Xiaodong, Liu Ye, Liu Wei, Zeng Fanzhi four) to replace the original "F4" (Yue Minjun , Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi), become a new market hot spots. At present, Pez Beijing has signed with Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Huan and other artists, and Zeng Fanzhi and another top gallery Gao Guixuan established long-term agent relationship. Yue Minjun cooperation gallery a lot, but not and any one long-term cooperation.

"He is the kind of relatively calm people, his paintings we also recognized, there is no need to make their own painting prices soared so high," Xia Yan said: "They are only 50 years old, there may be three China 's contemporary art has just started, there will be a good artist behind, and now the price is too high is not necessarily a good thing.

"After the middle age, the peak of creativity has passed or stage has passed, there has been a 'creative crisis' .This past, will usher in 'old age change', often there will be more energy. "Yang Wei said:" We can see from Yue Minjun's attempt, he tried to avoid the 'middle-aged crisis'. "

B = "The Bund"

Y = Yue Minjun

"I may be able to create a meaningless work"

B: everyone is familiar with your "smiley" series of works, how do you complete the "smile" to "maze" and "scene" series of changes?

Y: from 2008 or earlier began to try, although the "smiling face" series is earlier works, but it has been extended to the present, these series is not a very clear watershed between. I think in different feelings inside thinking contradictory, the creation and revelation of the role of art may be even greater.

B: your "smile" series of works in the characters dancing, laughing, painting such works, you are a kind of state?

Y: standing for a long time or sitting to do any work, are easy to numb, painted with no feeling. I hope that I do not want to be in the creation, do not anger, do not dancing, but in a calm, calm way to step by step to achieve what I started thinking. Many artists are easy to integrate into emotions when creating, but this is not very suitable for me. I like to think that everything is good before painting, painting the process of abnormal calm.

B: In the "scene" series, you put the characters in the classic paintings removed, in the "maze" series, you put the traditional painting irrelevant content together, which there is a common place?

Y: Every artist creates images that are meaningful and meaningful. For example, in the period of Rembrandt, art is only the meaning of reproduction, reflecting the light, mystery and their sense of religion in that era. Each period will give the work of different interpretation and understanding. This shows that in the process of human civilization, every period of time the culture will change and change.

In the past, all the works of art in the past is the intention of the pursuit of the meaning, I may be able to create a meaningless work, open a completely different visual experience, or look at the world approach. I finally want to digest the meaning of art, "maze" series, is the result, I would have wanted to digest this meaning, but I have in the process of drawing a new meaning.

B: You studied a lot of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, and study calligraphy, this process you learned what?

Y: In fact, oil painting and Chinese painting, for an artist, the most essential thing is not change, but a surface material of a conversion, with the East ink and paper inkstone confinement is wrong. The most essential is the art of the problem, not the material.

I joined the Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy elements, is the earliest use of ink and paper ink of the artist's a mockery. I am drawing paint directly on oil painting

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