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Yue Minjun: intriguing artist


About a year ago. Also in the Beijing commune, Yue Minjun's series of works "Looking for Terrorists" during the exhibition led to people's great discussion of Chinese successful artists. One of the works of the "Maze" (MINOS OF TERRORISTS) is the most popular in the production of acrylic works. In a chaotic picture of the space structure, the author hides a lot of clues and needs the audience to discover himself. And a year later, in the new exhibition "looking for art", Yue Minjun continued his concept.


Text: health Cui

Photo: Yue Minjun studio


The most unusual place for this latest solo exhibition "Looking for Art" is that it has only one real work. That is, with the exhibition of the same name two meters by four meters of cloth propylene, it painted a quintana gray like the Roman Colosseum-like scene, like the art of the Expo site. Which Yue Minjun to some well-known artists into the works of them, Nara good young girl and white dog, ROBERT INDIANA "LOVE" - Fang Lijun bald, Song winter white Hericium and so on. On the other side of the exhibition space - the roof of a piece of area in the Beijing commune disappeared, and the open-air changes were a feeling of surprise, and it was placed next to the exhibition. This book is a description of the artist and the curator of "looking for art". The original Yue Minjun just from his family in the album to select the artist and works objects to complete the cloth, he said to the cold forest, "just to find those who meet the feeling of the screen to arrange." So he did not like people imagine that this time to do a back to the curator, Yue Minjun that the so-called curator, a bit like a finished artist's creation, to see the artist's work can play a role in the exhibition, put In space. But the real artist to create, you need their own technology and methods, the process. "I do not think the curator is no more than the artist, nor the artist has gone beyond the curator."

For an artist like Yue Minjun, it was hard to change the style. The idea of Yue Minjun was the most different from the other three in the "Four Kings". He said he was in the maze of painting. Just finished the structure - not yet want to add to the inside which famous contemporary works of art 'later there is a sense of unconscious, you will want to choose where to put something here. "I choose some of the things are more formal, such as considering its black and white factors, so I want to choose the right thing for the screen. In fact, most of the exhibition I have not seen, are sent from others to me I chose their standard is not what historical significance, that is, may look at the form of appropriate 'such as this need to be bigger, a little breakthrough in the image, etc. From the perspective of pure vision to consider more "

In fact, if Yue Minjun such a painting made a real exhibition, the effect will be very different of course, this is a digression, because it will be another work, Yue Minjun also think this will be very interesting. "Because there are many places where the audience can not get in and can not go in. It is closed and some are open, but every piece of work, such as this work, goes into the next work and may not have a relationship , The audience may have a feeling that I do not understand all of a sudden, but I think the vast majority of my selections are the things that are painted in these two or three decades' are not old - new and contemporary. Works, I think the overall feeling is more clever, every work has some ideas, the idea is more clever. Not as traditional as in the past, when the artist is less, more master, and now the master is relatively small, everyone in the process of life Have a chance to find a good opportunity to make one or two beautiful works, but maybe his life may only

So little something. "

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