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Yue Minjun's "haha" image


Far from Beijing


Yue Minjun, "cynical realism" one of the representatives. His work is all his self-portrait of laughing, and mostly for the group; perhaps because he is too thin, he can only put together a number of their own in order to show strength.

Recently, Yue Minjun in his studio to accept the "Asian News" interview. His studio is located in Beijing famous

Painter Village - Tongzhou small fort village, covers an area of about 4000 square meters; - the door is a big yard, not far from standing a few rows of Yue Minjun style sculpture, like a sign, clearly inform the visitors, Who is the owner here?


Smile series "self-image of the amplification"


"Asian News": You create the "Yue Min Jun-style smile" has become one of the popular one of the visual symbols, had the choice of this set of the image?

Yue Minjun: the original is their own mentality it A general mindset. May be things unhappy, it produced this mentality. The idea of my original creation is based on my own as an idol. Because I think - if the individual as an idol, you will find yourself some very potential things, you will find yourself in the subconscious will have different social roles. In fact, every person in a different moment will want to be someone else, living in another life. For example, a company staff, he felt very hard when the work may wish to be a farmer, leisurely fishing in the lake. When he is depressed, he may want to be a playboy. If the conditions permit, he will even try to do so. But a person's identity role conversion is a very dangerous thing. If they can not grasp the scale of the inside, it will not control their own, and finally even who they do not know.


"Asian news people": you made a smile into a series, if not the case. Is it that will weaken the strength of the work and the impact of social efforts?

Yue Minjun: This is an idol of the process, the role of growth for the idol, the impact of the intensity will be doubled. In the past there will be some stars in the traditional opera, such as Mei Lanfang. His play is very popular. But they did not like the later movie stars

same. After leaving the character, as the idol itself is still. But with the advent of the film, the country gradually appeared idol, entertaining or called the popular culture of things. Like cartoons will have some of the main image, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. They have different identities in every different story, and the image has a common characteristic that it is never old and never dead. This reflects the modern people of a psychological - a hope die, hope longevity, expressed the ultimate problem of human beings - a fantasy.

The same - I also set up an image, but did not transplant it in the film inside, but transplanted on the canvas. So I painted on my canvas - personal, and that is my own. In order to attract one or to express my society

This feeling, so I designed him to laugh.


"Asian News": Do you want to make it a series at the beginning of your creation?

Yue Minjun: Of course, that time is not so clear, not so fully understand; but vague about such a feeling inside. At that time also know that an image through the continuous repetition and use, to be able to give him a special connotation

And strength.


"Asian news people": see your work can feel the middle of some political and related things, political factors are relatively strong.

Yue Minjun: I think politics in the Chinese people's life as usual as the same. As if you are encountered every day, and often can feel a thing. Not to say that this thing does not exist, or is far away from you, I am

Think it is too close, often feel. This may be related to the management method.

I and others also talked about these, for example, a worker is unemployed, in the country, he will go to the State Department, because he thinks this matter has a relationship with the country, but in some other countries, some commercial societies, he may direct Go to the employer because he thinks it is a contradiction between the employer and the employee. But in China, giving the impression that the relationship between employees and the government. By

We can appreciate that many things in life have political factors. In fact, this may be due to the social division of labor is not too clear, can not weaken the contradictory relationship.

But I am all friendly. Because I think, after all, is a process of social development, a stage. You can not say that this thing is completely unreliable, it must have their own place.


"Chinese literati a long-term mentality"

"Asian News": You had come from the Yuanmingyuan painter village, you and Fang Lijun, Yang Shaobin and many other artists to form a "cynical realism" this school. Do you think there is a chance to present a new group of ideas and then form a new group of painters?

Yue Minjun: Of course, this is for sure. I think art needs - kind of free thinking and breathing. Past people may be bound by a lot of things, his thoughts and behavior will be limited, so in their artistic creation which can not help

Will be affected by these factors. Once the art for the individual, into a free situation, you are free to choose, which is bound to benefit the art of growth and development, then it is easy to appear good works of art, will certainly promote the artist village.

"Asian news people": to guess what kind of new ideas will appear? Yue Minjun: It is hard to say, because it requires a social development of the accumulation process, the accumulation of a certain degree of natural will appear such a group of people.

"Asian News": how to produce "cynical" idea?

Yue Minjun: At that time many artists have such feelings, to count up, there may be dozens of domestic. They have a personal and social environment there is a contradiction of this feeling, there will be this or that tendency. Look at the last person who feels the most clear

Indeed, the need for this expression - some people may be expressed for some time to feel boring, or he did not in their own creative process to find ways or views of support. This is also very complicated, is a very professional problem.

"Asian news people": you and Fang Lijun, Yang Shaobin, who have a common sense is invariably or mutual influence from?

Yue Minjun: certainly inspired by each other Well We for the whole society, after all, only a handful of people, Yuanmingyuan had a total of 50 people. Compared with 130 million. 50 what is it? Then they are in the social life, as a small individual, naturally need to help each other and understand the support, in the outsider seems like a group like. But at that time in the Yuanmingyuan painter village, everyone wants to seek this free state, but also want to keep the individual style in it.

Fang Lijun is relatively early, he first painted this, and his language form is also more accurate. Later, like Yang Shaobin painted this thing, he developed a little. In fact, these things are more similar to the reasons may be from the color, size,

Everyone's work is closer, for example, the size of the head ah, these things may easily lead to a sense of proximity, such as your size is small, or special size, may weaken this feeling, but that time may be because of the psychological That kind of

The same needs, the same feelings, because these reasons can not help but get closer more - because before this, Yang Shaobin worked for many years, I also, with the social contact more, perhaps the reason for this society, we are There is one

A similar background, there may be a common place in this place.

"Asian news people": how do you see cynicalism?

Yue Minjun: I think "cynical" is the most personality and the most powerful performance, I think it is a kind of relationship with the community it And it shows something. Not just to treat 1949 - something, it treats the state of the feudal society as a whole.

Civicism is a characteristic of Chinese literati, a cultural characteristic different from other peoples. After the formation of feudal society, the intellectual community in the social life which is not completely independent. They do not have an independent status, will inevitably be the political, economic and other aspects of the impact, so and the community will produce a lot of unpleasant things. These things are manifested in the literati

It became a hidden world, to escape the reality, that strange words, write yin and yang strange things and so on. "Eight mountain people" paintings, write things are this feeling, they have taken to escape the reality of the method, and then write some cynical article. They only use such a way to express their inner feelings, but also a kind of feedback to the community, which is a long-term mentality of Chinese literati.

There is a half pessimistic feeling of play, and there is also a hope in it, because he is a creative person, coupled with this unpleasant feeling, he may have a pessimistic atmosphere inside. I think that once a person he saw the community can not make all the people reached a limit of thinking, then it will produce this semi-pessimistic feeling.


Inspiration: "the first idea of the most fresh"


"Asian News": the completion of a work cycle is not short, how do you let the creation of the excitement has been maintained?

Yue Minjun: start a painting to have an opportunity, it may be called inspiration it My method is that when I produce an idea or a so-called inspiration, I hope to be able to maintain its original appearance when it is finished, because the thing that you want to do most is the most fresh and the most powerful of. If you are in the process of painting, the beginning of the things to change, perhaps the painting is finished. In fact, is the beginning of a little something, to seize it, it is sufficient to do enough.

"Asian news people": how to do full?


Yue Minjun: You want to make the process and inspiration flash instantaneous distinction, can not follow the production run, this is my personal thoughts. But there are some artists at the beginning without any idea. But in the line and color interspersed with each other when found

Inspiration, to determine what the picture to express. Everyone's creation is different.


"Asian News": Have you ever thought of using video media to express your thoughts?

Yue Minjun: This is just a technical problem. There is one that is in the country, the current aspect is still relatively weak. I need some of the things behind, such as technical or scripting support is still relatively small. Let me put these things all

Their own back, then certainly will not move the road.


"Asian News People": Which artists do you enjoy? Have not been affected by who?

Yue Minjun: I prefer the expression of things - to appreciate the intensity of their screen. Earlier like Michelangelo, his paintings pay attention to light and shade. I generally like to paint the light, the screen has a strong feeling of the sun, or a great yin

Shadow, so affected by this more than some.


"Asian News": literature and art are related, like the literary works?

Yue Minjun: years ago to see some of the books I have a greater impact, such as "John Christopher", the pursuit of personal art

Success; or like "red and black". Explore the honorary status of these things. Western novels are more. Like the Chinese works I prefer "siege" this kind of.


"Asian news people": Do you think reading these works on your painting and thinking way have no effect?

Yue Minjun: should have, but not so specific. Sometimes I see a lot of people write. See how a writer's words on his life had much impact, I think this is a bit unrealistic. In fact, many things are subtle, they are not one

Know how to form it.


"Asian news people": as a contemporary artist, do you think the artist's social function is what?

Yue Minjun: I think the artist is a group of people in the social life. They do not rely on concrete labor to reflect the value, but by the creation of things.

Such as painting. Is through the visual language to express the human creativity in this area. This ability may have a lot of things to trigger and guide or stimulate the role of - of course, can not be said to play a direct role. For example, a scientist, he may fall into his own logic when he is studying: but he may have seen an artist's

Goods, feel different ways of thinking, analogy, may be on the way he wants the problem and angle there is a new tip or method. In short, I think the art to a special height, and science may be between thinking or methodology, etc. These ideas will stimulate each other. This value is difficult to use a few bucket meters to clear.

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