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After the invasion of Spain by Napoleon in 1808, a great painter from Spain created a famous work "The May 3, 1808 shooting." The color used in this piece of work looked quite harsh at the time, and the protagonist of the painting was the people who had been taken away. The fate of their misery forms an irrevocable complaint. While the painting will freeze the history of eternity. It seems to be beyond the art. This work takes a romantic approach depicting the historical events of reality, leaving people with brutal historical images.

In 1996, the Chinese artist Yue Minjun borrowed the composition of this masterpiece Goya created another piece of art masterpiece "execution". You can not see the brutal massacre on this work. The whole picture gives a joke mean. A row of young people waiting to be shot a variety of shy gestures, grinning, because they are only wearing underwear, that shy look like a rehearsal film or drama. The other team is also the execution of the people who grin, these people seem to laugh there are reasons, because their hands did not guns. They are only made to move the gun, or holding the gun action, as if the scene pantomime, and these weird look even their own also feel ridiculous. But behind this ridiculous picture there is a wall, a mysterious wall. The color of the entire screen contrast, as if the sun under the burns. This work has attracted attention since it was produced. October 12, 2007 This work was auctioned at London's Sotheby's auction at a high price of € 2.93 million, setting the highest record of contemporary Chinese art at the time. Why such a work will also cause people's general attention? Goya's work is so serious, and Yue Minjun's work is so serious. The face of human suffering in the time or history, with the artist has made a completely different reflection. When the social space can accommodate people's grief. People make a positive direct response, and when a society does not exist that can be directly expressed in the space, some intellectuals in order not to yield to make a self-deprecating reaction, which may be the Goya-style reaction and Yue Minjun Type of reaction is different. But their essence is the same thing is that they can not turn a blind eye, but can not silence and yield. Relative to Goya's response Yue Min-jun expression seems more intriguing. This self-deprecating like, joking complaints, more sad and desperate, everything has become a lie. "Execution" does not seem to happen? Because the executioners also laughed so cute, and they did not have a gun in the hands. The execution seems to have never happened. And Yue Minjun himself thinking about "why human beings in the solution to their own problems when they take a violent way." The question may never be answered. Because the executioner laugh ha ha standing beside everyone.

At the beginning of 1996, Yue Minjun completed a number of representative works including "execution". However, to the second half of the year, we found that Yue Minjun's creative line began to appear an important turning point. Suddenly he turned to the new style. The reason, we found that this time with his personal family change is not a time coincidence. One day in April 1996, Yue Minjun's father suddenly suffered an accident died. This kind of family change in the emotional, family and ideology have a direct impact on Yue Minjun. After blank and interrupted for some time after the work. He finally picked up the pen to continue the creation of art, but also to cure the trauma. But the previous creative ideas in that time no longer mention, was forced to interrupt. He began to have a new idea, he found himself this time the painting works with the previous very different.

And "execution" and "free guide the people" "Greek island of the massacre", these works have become a stage of the representative works, but also a stage of the peak.

Time is a god. It can change a person's everything. From 1990, Yue Minjun created, "occurred in the X tower upstairs drama" began, Yue Minjun will clearly find the direction of creation. By 1996, some of the most important masterpieces of Yue Minjun had been completed. If only the eyes of art, this is a peak stage. However, after the word lake to reach a peak, the fate is always a turning point, but also happens at that time, the change of life changed Yue Minjun's creative ideas, his later series of works "processing series" "scene series" "to find the series ", Are in 1996 after the continuous emergence. And this jump, you can see Yue Minjun inner and ideological conflict. He seems to have been on the road to art since 1996.

What is art? This is difficult to define the things that confuse the martial arts of the sages. From the Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Goya, Delacroix, to Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, and then to Du injury, Boise, etc., the history of human art these masters have been exploring and controversial The Mankind seems to have found the standard and direction for a period of time, that is, instantly lost, can not man always find the true face of art? These masters created and completely different, even poles apart. Human beings are so confused about art. But this is the most practical value of things but thousands of years to kill the number of people's life talent and youth it? Over the years, I have been dealing with all kinds of artists, planning various exhibitions, visited a lot of artists love the studio. In the process of communicating with all kinds of artists, I found that not many people in the "art" in the concept of in-depth study. Most artists talk about their own creation and the meaning of the works, and no one will doubt their own creation is not art. Almost all the artists think that their work is worthy of attention. It's like every parent almost thinks their kids are smart. So I have been thinking, since everyone can create a very different works, why do we need to find similar shape and regularity? The most important values of art are their differences, and finding something common is not much needed. For the study of physics, the law of commonality seems to be direct and necessary, it is because of the need to repeat the test and demonstration. And for the art of repetition and reproduction is a shame, but also the lack of creativity means. It is pointless to find the law of art in the art, because the works created by each artist in the same period are not the same. , The judgment of beauty or art in different periods is constantly changing. What is the meaning of the idea of finding common principles and consistent rules in this?

In fact, the source of beauty from the inner needs of each person and the soul of the most pure pleasure. He can not be limited to the strict sense of the same experience. As the great de la Clovis said: "Only a good mind, can love all kinds of perfect. According to the views of the university, these perfect there is a big gap between the". (Delacroix "on the United States" in 1854 published in the "two world reviews" magazine).

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