Few Words Behind Works

Few Words Behind Works


The spiritual essence of the silly man originates from the philosophy of Lao Zhuang. Scholars of historical times often display a sense of helplessness when faced with society’s problems, most choose to give up. I feel that the act of giving up is a state of humanity; it prevents one from conflicting with society yet maintaining inner peace. To be able to give all up allows one to be nonchalant and detached. All problems can be solved with laughter-they simply disappear without causing any heartache. This is how one may attain extraordinary peacefulness within his inner self.

My preference for vibrant colors of folk culture makes my creations more universal, more attractive and hence more acceptable by the public. I merely want to articulate a complex issue in a simple but appealing manner.


By employing traditional painting and sculpture techniques, multiple clones of my self-portrait image have been created in order to invent a new idol; similar to the approach of television and movies. When an image is duplicated continuously, the subsequent strength in numbers produces an immense force. Once the image transforms into an idol, I am able to manipulate and utilize the image repeatedly. An idol has a life-force, it often influences our lives and regulates our conduct by setting itself as an example. A contemporary society is an idolized society, hence its culture becomes an idolized culture.

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