Yue Minjun's self-interrogation: giggle is the most primitive expression

Yue Minjun's self-interrogation: giggle is the most primitive expression

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'Laughter' Yue Minjun's famous history, to a large extent coincide with the history of Chinese contemporary art and art market development. He claimed to be just 'painting children', do not understand business insist on creation, but the business of this thing to see exquisitely carved. He said that we were not business, but culture.

"These are the latest teachers and then portrait series, ready to participate in the exhibition at the end of Macau and next year's French exhibition."

Yue Yujun is responsible for talking about the internal affairs of the assistant, the young man in his early twenties, plans to continue to stay here, because "feel the teacher who still have a lot to learn."

These works are ready to exhibit, neatly arranged in the studio wall. The characters on the screen is cut to close to the chest portrait, his face like chapped, covered with a section of the black lines, with some of the original Andy Warhol's hue are fresh up.

"This picture is the teacher's daughter, this one is the teacher's wife." Little assistant introduction. Incidentally, this series of creative methods: the old photos printed out into a ball, with a view to re-expand the portrait to meet countless random wrinkles. With the ink pen casually slide over the folds, let the ink stained with the crease of the peak, looks like the black line has not been folded in accordance with the 3D print mask. Finally, follow this photo and start writing.

    Wash the face of the photo painting is still the creation of the way, just giggle no longer. Yue Minjun said the timing was not reached. "(Giggle) did not draw more than before, but the thought of something still will be painted.

Every morning around ten o'clock, Yue Minjun came to Songzhuang's studio on time, sitting at the time to complete the "interrogation" that the performance of the art of the place, in the natural light quietly painted all day. The deserted brick wall surrounds the open room, and the old stove in the middle of the room is lonely.

Stove next to the waste box, do not put the picture frame, keep the winter fire with. The top of the wood, but also lying on an outdated "Southern Weekend" front page. Everywhere filled with Yue Minjun works, the ground, the wall, desk, easel.

"Every painter's preferences are different, I like the feeling of such a wall." Yue Minjun said. In addition to the increasingly popular in the art world bald, Yue Minjun or different places more, like his own planning that day interrogation, came to help out the media interrogator language scold, but for the year "When I first came to Songzhuang, had been brought by the small town police station" interrogation.

    This language is slow, so few bald painter, has long been accustomed to in their own paintings repeated again and again self-interrogation. His paintings, there are giggles, Tiananmen, Pope, there are thorns ring. Some of his paintings, no grievous smile, there is the Presidential Palace, Fu Baoshi, Mao Zedong and Hua Guofeng "you work I rest assured" single sofa. All the political, religious, historical scenes on the canvas, and perhaps nothing to religion, do not talk about state affairs, but a painter's own silent interrogation of the painter.

Giggle, idol, Yue Minjun

Talk about culture

"We have nothing, you see now, modern society, what is what we invented? We do not think about innovation, just repeat. If you say, for contemporary art, what is the expectation of your own works, They can provide a new way of thinking, a new form of painting, and I have been working hard.

Drove a small fort in the village turned a few laps, Songzhuang Art Museum from the right side of the window to the left side of the window, and once again to the right, the time has passed a quarter of an hour, still did not find Yue Minjun studio. Stop the car, anxious sweat photography assistant went to Songzhuang Art Museum diagonally opposite the gallery asked the way, at the end with only a look of frustration back, "they do not know, do not know who Yue Minjun.

    After twists and turns, and finally found a destination in a narrow alley. Red brick wall of the yard door, is blocking a crane, half of the gossip of bronze in the workers shouted under the high lift, was "waist cut" silly smile still no heart to grinning, bloated Silhouette arbitrarily spread on the truck, like a very good case on the board of cooked beef, flashing the same color metallic luster. Yue Minjun slowly came out from the yard, watching the sculpture explained, "This is shipped to Shanghai to participate in contemporary art exhibition, they think my sculpture can, to pick the two." Face expression serious, did not see the year giggle The shadow of man.

Yue Minjun studio in the desk, when the cousin to Yue Minjun photographed smiles on the table in the humble corner of the table. He was barefoot on the screen, wearing only one of the most common dark blue pants in the sixties and seventies, with the upper body twisting and looking forward, bald, eyes closed and giggling. As his own canvas on the giggle.

You may not know Yue Minjun, but you must have seen a giggle. The laughter's mouth occupies one-half of the face, the pink man with his eyes laughing, appearing in a variety of iconic places, or four together at the Tiananmen row, or Is fifteen people kneel down support, stacked into a pyramid.

"In the early 90s began to marry a smile, this is not a chance, in fact, many of the time the artist actually inexplicably painted some laugh people." Yue Minjun recalled.

      Yue Minjun like to "use the camera to shoot my desired posture or state, holding this photo to create" such a painting mode. The beginning of his money to please models, and later to find around the "image of a good" buddy children, and then later, Yue Minjun began to draw their own, "then I can not afford to pay no money model, can only draw their own," talking about this past, Yue Minjun like this self-ridicule.

And constantly on the canvas to repeat the real reason for self, it is "later I think in the process of laughing, if I draw symbolic, fixed this kind of laugh, repeat this way to create I think it can be re- Shaping a person, rather than painting a lot of different people, and finally can not create a typical image.Through the constant picture of friends to recognize this, probably after four or five years later fixed, and in the painting when the main painting Own ".

On the works of the overwhelming giggle, Yue Minjun there is such a small paragraph. Yue Minjun canvas on the gossip has been with long or short hair, but the canvas outside the Yue Minjun, then experienced from the "waist long hair" to "head hairless" extreme.

"I and from the United States back to Beijing Xu Bing to the western suburbs of Beijing Yuanmingyuan painting, met Yue Minjun, his long hair, a look like an alternative, avant-garde artists, or ridicule a little description, more Like a capital of the 'stubborn'. "Curator Feng Bo recalled the first time in 1992 to see Yue Minjun.

"At the beginning I kept my hair long and combed my little braids, and when I went to Yunnan in 2000, the sun was so terribly sunny, and the hair under her hat was a mess, and she whispered her hair on her whisper. The original image of the state, so the head is still a hair. "Yue Minjun said, unconsciously with the hand that did not smoke touched his bald head.

      On the Internet circulated on the "Songzhuang small rogue Min Jun head pulling braids, friends Fang Lijun force to help Minjun bald head" of the scripts have also proved to be baseless assertion, "no (1994) so early, I only stay bald in 2000.

"I have an ambition," Yue Minjun once mentioned, "let everyone see as long as the laughter to think of me, and only me, not someone else." At this time Yue Minjun, and he seems quiet In the image of different. This is done in Daqing oil workers of the artist, carries, in addition to talent, there are ambitions to conquer the world's ambitions.

Self-interrogation is not limited to the pursuit of success ambitions, more painters and self on the canvas to complete a dialogue. Yue Minjun constantly on the canvas to draw all kinds of giggle people, but also kept asking themselves, ask the canvas on the avatar, why only giggle. "The reason why this person giggle, because he felt confused, at a loss, only with the most primitive expression to show in front of the world.

Art critic Li Xianting as early as 90 years to put forward, Yue Minjun is "superficial idol producer." "The way of his language is to use his own image as a model, to put a variety of weird, ridiculous action and hippie smile expression, and through these actions and expressions of the self-ridicule description, to express today's empty and boring spirit The world is similar to commercial advertising simple painting, gaudy, monotonous color, all highlights a superficial, humorous and boring atmosphere. Yue's works are the most characteristic, both pop and poster art strong symbolic And concise visual power. "

Yue Minjun Songzhuang studio desk next to the ground, put a glass frame of the fan, the official scriptures in the shower fan row on the line, after the book "friends Li Xianting gift". This friend Li Xianting, circle the painting "giggle" Yue Minjun, painting "big family" Zhang Xiaogang, painting "big bald" Fang Lijun, as well as painting "big criticism" Wang Guangyi, give them four people put a same The label, "cynical realism". At that time, the other side of the strait idol drama "Meteor Garden" is the mainland hit, and these four works auction prices for many years the tallest echelon, also known as the art auction market called "F4", each have their own The idol symbols of the painters were named with idol niches. In this regard, Yue Minjun I feel a little helpless, "'F4' this argument was quite ridiculous. Is the market price is low, or no one is interested in the time, we must choose suicide?" Even to live, the artist's creation To explore, or to be careful and money, and the market to maintain a relatively balanced distance. Life embarrassing so, overseas famous after the same.

How miracles are made

     Talk about

I know that it is important for man to be engaged in art, whether it be a lot of years or someone who is engaged in art, which is a very important way of knowing and understanding the world.Whether it is good or bad, It is important that our society, how to support, love the new creation .This nation is not particularly love to innovate this thing. This does not know how to change. "

    Review of Yue Minjun's famous road, like in the summary of Chinese contemporary art market conditions. After the New York Sotheby's Spring Auction in 2006, the first wave of contemporary art officially launched, Fang Lijun and Yue Minjun burst into the ranks of first-line artists, the two have not been deviated from the "cynical realism" and become the most representative of this genre Sex artist. Then, in 2007, New York Sotheby's spring, Yue Minjun's "goldfish" to 1.38 million US dollars, equivalent to about 11 million yuan price of the transaction, the first breakthrough in the millions of mark. At the London Contemporary Art Auction in June, his work "Pope" raises £ 2.14 million. In October, his "execution" in London Sotheby's shot $ 5.9 million, about 44 million yuan, once again rewritten his personal works auction records, and refresh the Chinese contemporary art auction world record. In 2008, despite the financial crisis struck, he created in 1993, "Hong Hong" is still in Hong Kong Christie's spring shot to shoot about 48.14 million yuan price.

Shoot astronomical, in Yue Minjun view, there is a deeper meaning. Money on the sensation, in order to attract more ordinary people to pay attention to contemporary art. "At that time the prosperity of the market, so many people concerned about the contemporary art.As early as the 1990s, the so-called contemporary art, they are already very famous in Europe, but in China, is limited to the art industry circle. The public can only rely on 'fabulous, astronomical auction.' In fact, those are not a problem, because in a short period of time, to improve the visibility of the artist, so as to obtain more favorable conditions to create. You see, if placed in 10 years ago, the 90's Hong Kong Art Fair, where there are so many people are concerned, are foreigners. But now, concerned about the Many people, the status of the artist also increased. This point, I think it is a good thing. "Yue Minjun commented.

There is nothing, then the name is not absent. The same year, Yue Minjun by the United States, "Time magazine" named "2007 man of the year". The list, in addition to Putin, as well as Obama and Hillary and others. Yue Minjun is the only one selected Chinese, is the only one artist. "Time magazine" evaluation of Yue Minjun: "Yue Minjun experienced the prosperity of the new economy, these experiences are clearly reflected in this face .This smile is not only funny, it expresses in the shadow of the prosperity of the scene, the depth of anxiety It is labeled as a "cynical realism" label, which is interpreted as ridiculous to all jokes, or that the image of joy in life is inevitably going to extinction.

When asked if he was informed of the news, Yue Minjun said: "No ah, before do not know, including astronomical auction, where I have this business judgment ah?" Time " I think, they think they see the reality of the items.I painted, is to let a lot of viewers, he can feel the Chinese people's social status and change.China after all, after 30 years of reform and opening up, business community Development, from a poor people can not afford to eat the country, to the prosperity of the current business community.However, people's heart, but also with the lack of identification of the future, too much uncertainty. Whether you are engaged What career, you can not feel the future.

    This year is called Yue Minjun's "miracle of the year." At that time the art auction market contemporary art plate records, the top five of a auction, champion, second place were Yue Minjun included, the remaining two, one is Zeng Fanzhi's "Concord Hospital triple painting (paragraph Two "), one is Zhang Xiaogang's" Genesis - the birth of a Republic. "

Yue Minjun, giggle smile, the Chinese concept in the Western market of the popular, not Newton and Apple is so simple luck. As early as the first three years of the miracle of the first three years, Yue Minjun has long been with his "later as long as a mention of laughing thought me" dream,

Time back to 1994. That year, Hong Kong is still the colony of the British Empire. The art of the country is in a state of turmoil after the turmoil, the release of their painters on the canvas, but also do not see a professional gallery, professional painter brokers and professional curators. In the face of this industry model is not established to create the work of the output difficulties, some painters choose to continue to devote themselves to painting, and some painters are painting at the same time, began to find a way out from Zhongying Street.

For example, Yue Minjun. In 1994, Yue Minjun and the same painter Yang Shaobin in Hong Kong less incentive gallery cooperation, held a double exhibition "bamboo curtain face." Two in the Yuanmingyuan era is familiar with the good buddy,

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