Artist Yue Minjun won the first Danish Andersen

Artist Yue Minjun won the first Danish Andersen

 "Nightingale" only award


Beijing, August 17 at 7 am, Beijing Jin grass space director Zhu Huiping released microblogging: "Good news: artist Yue Minjun won the first Danish Andersen" Nightingale "the only prize, bonus 400,000 Danish krone. Award ceremony will be August 18 afternoon 3 o'clock Andersen hometown of Odense city hall.

According to the art financial magazine publisher and editor of Gu Weijie microblog comment: "This is the largest prize of an artist award!" Microblogging release, the domestic art circle a number of friends have forward the news, "Congratulations old Yue."

Artist Yue Minjun in Copenhagen

It is understood that the artist Yue Minjun has arrived in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Awards Description:

The International Andersen Award was established in 1956 by the International Children's Books Union, sponsored by Queen Mary Margaret II, named after the fairy tale and Hans Christian Andersen.

The award is awarded every two years to reward world-renowned children's book writers and illustrators. The winner will be awarded a gold medal and a certificate of merit. Originally only granted to the writers of the world, from 1965 onwards, also awarded excellent illustrator. The winners are limited to those who have long been engaged in the creation of young books and made outstanding contributors. So far there are 26 writers and 20 illustrators of the award winning (International Andersen Award winners directory). (1992), Jin Wo / Yang Yongqing (1992), Qin Wenjun / Wu Zengsheng (2002), Cao Wenxuan / Wang Xiaoming (2004), Zhang Zhilu / Tao Wenjie (2006), Chinese ) Won the nomination for the award

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